Whether you're someone who has very little time on their hands, doesn't like hotels, or just feeling a bit spontaneous; why not treat yourself to a day in Paris where you'll have a fabulous time taking in the heritage, culture and cuisine of the famous, City of Light.

Board the Eurostar train in the morning and arrive in the heart of Paris in no time where you can: Enjoy crowd-free strolls around busy summer hotspots such as the Palace of Versailles, the Musée du Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Visit Père Lachaise and pay your respects to iconic figures like Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Frédéric Chopin and Edith Piaf. Or if you visit Paris later in the year, put your ice skates on at the Patinoire de L'Hôtel de Ville.

Do this and more and catch the Eurostar the same day back to London where before you know it you'll be drinking tea with your feet up in the comfort of your own home, reflecting on what a fantastic day you've just experienced.

Offers Available:
- Day Trip to Paris with Eurostar Tickets and River Cruise
- Overnight stay with Eurostar travel and River Cruise
- Two/ three night stay with Eurostar and Choco Story and Montparnasse Tower tour

September: 1,4-30
October: 1-7,9-19.23-26,30-31
November: 1-3,6-9,11-30
December: 2,5-7,9,12-14
January 2018: 4,6,9-13,13,16-18,20,23-25,27,30-31

Last updated: 11/08/17