Fancy a little luxury in the Magic Kingdom? Are you looking to feel of being in the French countryside? Have you ever thought to be 'treated like royalty'. Well situated just a few minutes by free shuttle bus from the Disney® Parks and Disney® Village here are the top 4 partners hotels offering comfy and cosy family accommodation.

The Kyriad, Vienna International Dream Castle and Magic Circus hotels are unique in terms of style, theme and décor and range from jugglers and clowns at the Magic Circus Hotel, to the luxury and splendour of historic European castles which inspired the Dream Castle Hotel.

Stay at the Kyriad Hotel and relax in the enchanting architectural style of a traditional French Farm. Enjoy panoramic views over surrounding woodlands and a leisurely stroll to the lake evokes memories of times gone by. If you are looking to dream a little dream, the Dream Castle Hotel is the castle for you. Everything is inspired by Europe's past, including frescoes of the heroic Three Musketeers.

These specially handpicked hotels offer air--conditioned rooms with the Kyriad, Magic Circus also equipped with bunk beds. Come and stay at one of the Selected Hotels, chill out overlooking beautiful landscapes and remember: One for all...and all for fun!